Lis Simon Bride Annie


This is Lis Simon Bride Annie, and her husband Luke. Annie is wearing our SS101 bodice and SS109 skirt from our 2017 separates collection sewn together to make one complete dress. We used the lace from the bodice on the skirt so the pair would match perfectly.


T h e    L o v e    S t o r y

Luke and Annie met when they were both 13 years old. They grew up in Maryland, their families went to the same church, and they also went to the same school. Even when they were only 13, Luke always told Annie he was going to marry her one day. They dated through high school and the beginning of college, and broke up for 9 months sophomore year. Through the break-up, Luke continually pursued Annie and would write her letters almost every day and carry them around in case he ran into her. Annie prayed for 8 of the 9 months that God would show her somehow with yellow flowers if it was His will for Luke and her to get back together one day. At the end of 9 months, Luke drove 8 hours to her house and surprised her with a yellow rose bush. "Needless to say, I was a puddle. I knew that night that I was going to marry him.”

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T H E    P R O P O S A L


On February 10th, 2018, Annie and a few of her friends hiked to the top of a mountain. Luke was waiting at the top of the overlook with more of their friends and family, where he proposed.

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T h e    D r e s s

Annie's dress shopping experience was fun, but rushed, since they had a 6 month engagement. Her mom and sister joined her at Ladies of Lineage in Fort Mill. Annie tried on 3 other dresses, and then landed on the one! She Facetimed her bridesmaids for their approval and within about an hour of dress shopping, the deal was done!

"I'm not much of a frills and sparkles kind of girl. I wanted a simple,
all lace dress with no embellishments which was hard to find. My Lis Simon separates fit me to well
and were the elegant, simple look I was going for.”


T H E    W E D D I N G


The wedding ceremony and reception were both held in Annie's yard in Lancaster, South Carolina. "I have always wanted to get married at my house to that I could revisit the venue with my husband whenever I wanted!" Her parents worked very hard creating the perfect wooden garden space for their ceremony.

Their decor was rustic elegance. A natural look with neutral colors and florals.


Wedding Dream Team
Boutique // Ladies of Lineage in Fort Mill
Photographer // Paige Victoria Photography
Planners // Sharon and Chelsea with We Tie the Knots Charlotte
Florist // Springvine Design
Catering Company // Something Classic