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This is Lis Simon Bride Hannah, who is wearing our Idina gown with gorgeous custom sleeves. She looks gorgeous!! Congratulations Hannah and Ryan!

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T h e L o v e S t o r y

They met on Tinder and immediately hit it off. The “deciding factor” for Hannah was after four months of dating. They had gone snowboarding, her first time, and she broke her wrist disembarking from the very first lift. She was in a lot of pain and also extremely embarrassed (who wouldn’t be), but Ryan was great throughout the entire experience. He took care of her in the following days and that’s when she knew he was a keeper.

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Ryan proposed at Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati. They had designed her ring together at Richter & Phillips Co. during the previous month, so Hannah knew it was coming – but he still surprised her with the time and place!

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T h e D r e s s

Hannah had lots of fun dress shopping. Her mom, future mother-in-law, and maid of honour all went with her to the Reading Bridal District in Cincinnati. They ended up visiting two bridal salons before she found “the dress” at Lace Bridal Couture. She knew she wanted a crepe skirt with some sort of graphic lace on top, and as soon as they pinned some sleeves onto the Idina gown, she knew it was the one!

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Hannah and Ryan’s wedding ceremony and reception were both held at Urban Artifact, a brewery housed in an old church, in Cincinnati. Hannah’s goal for the reception was to have a fun, relaxed, and laid-back event. They had a local pizza food truck cater in brick-over pizza and wings, a donut truck for fresh donuts, and they also had a selection of local craft beers from Urban Artifact.

They chose a rich jewel-tone colour palette, and the overall decor was romantic, moody, and vintage. Hannah has always loved old black and white wedding photos and how beautiful and timeless the brides look, so she really wanted their wedding to have the timeless, classic feel.

Hannah wore her grandma’s pearl necklace since she wasn’t able to attend the wedding, and she also had the ribbons from her mom’s wedding bouquet attached to her bouquet. They also used traditional wedding vows instead of writing their own – “I really love the sense of history and knowing that millions of other couples throughout time have made these same promises to each other.”

Honeymoon destination: Cancun.

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W o r d s f r o m t h e b r i d e .

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?
After the ceremony, we were able to escape for about 45 minutes with our photographer and just enjoy being with each other before the reception began. It was a chance for us to breathe, take in what had just happened, and center ourselves before the party.

How did you find your vendors?
I found Brooke, our photographer, first. I really loved her authentic and candid style, and she’s really relaxed and fun to work with. After deciding on Urban Artifact (run by Queen City Vignette) for our venue, I mostly used recommendations from Queen City Vignette to locate my other vendors.

Do you have any tips or tricks for future brides?
Relax! Let go of the things you can’t control and be decisive about the things you can.

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Bridal Dream Team

Boutique // Lace Bridal Couture
Photographer // Brooke Townsend Photography
Florist // Floralai Studio
Cake // Haven Cincinnati
Makeup // Kellie Asher Bowling
Hair // Anastasia Schroeder
Catering // Catch-A-Fire Pizza Truck and The Dapper Donut
Venue // Urban Artifact
Event Planning & Furniture Rental // Queen City Vignette

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