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Today's blog post is all about real bride Kristen. She is wearing our Gwyneth gown and looks absolutely stunning!!

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Kristen met Phil at their first job after college. They both moved to Cleveland from other cities and started working at the same digital ad agency. She started her job a couple weeks before Phil, so she was basically a pro by the time he showed up. A close mutual friend introduced them on Phil's first day and they quickly fell into the same friend group. They stayed "just friends" for over a year before officially dating.


T H E   P R O P O S A L


Kristen and Phil traveled to Chicago to spend a couple days with her best friend in the city before heading to the suburbs for a family-filled Thanksgiving weekend. On Wednesday morning, Phil and Kristen's friend, Sara, suggested a casual stroll through a local park which had a wonderful view of the Chicago skyline. They stopped for a cup of coffee on their way to the park and Kristen, being the gracious girlfriend she is, hugged Phil to say 'thank you'. Little did she know, she accidentally touched the ring box in his jacket pocket, so he quickly pushed her away. Confused and a bit annoyed, they headed to the park. When they arrived, Sara took a (fake) phone call, and Phil and Kristen walked ahead. He then got on one knee and proposed, while Sara stood by with her camera to capture every second of Kristen's surprise and delight!


T H E   W E D D I N G


Over a year later, Kristen and Phil got married in Dearborn, Michigan. Their ceremony was held at the Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church and the reception was at Lovett Hall on the Henry Ford Property.

"My family and I grew up as members of the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
and it was an absolute dream of mine to get married on the property. Since it's such a historic venue,
our theme came together with an underpinning of American history – the tables were named for famous
men and women featured throughout the museum or village, and the decor reflected a vintage
classic style. We even road in a classic Model T for some of our pictures!"

The pair took ballroom dance lessons in preparation for their first dance. It was way outside their comfort zones, but they took 10 lessons and really enjoyed attending classes. They even practiced their routine in their tiny Charlotte, NC condo. When it came to the big performance, they had a blast showing off their new moves and the Bluewater Kings Band even learned their song (White Dress by Ben Rector), which made everything come together perfectly.

"I loved everything about our wedding, but my favorite moment was walking down the aisle
with my dad to Phil, who was tearing up, and out of the corners of my eyes seeing all our closest friends
and family in the church. Having everyone who is so special to us gathered in one place to celebrate our
love was really emotional for me. Phil also got more choked up than I expected him to while
reciting our vows, so that really touched my heart.”


T H E   H O N E Y M O O N

The newlyweds stayed at an all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. They wanted the week following their wedding to be all about relaxation, sun, food, tropical drinks, and spending time together, and that's exactly what it was.

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Congratulations to the happy couple! We are so honoured to be part of your big day, thank you for letting us write about it and answering all our questions!!


Boutique // Ladies of Lineage
Photographer // Abbey Moore
Florist // Hearts and Flowers, Dexter MI
Hair & Makeup // Primp Me Up, Plymouth MI
Band // Bluewater Kings Band

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