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Sonja, our Lis Simon real bride, wore our Hailey gown on her special day. Their wedding photos are magical, and love story goes along with that theme perfectly!

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Sonja and Mike first met at a local bar in Regina, Saskatchewan, right before she went to Switzerland for a year. Although in different countries, the two kept in touch for the year they were apart. A few months after Sonja returned to Regina, they went out for a couple drinks. Even though they didn't immediately start dating, they kept running into each other. In 2013, while on a beautiful fall hike together, they both knew they wanted to be more than 'just friends’.

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T H E     P R O P O S A L


Mike had first gone to Victoria Jewelers in Regina in September when Sonja was away on a trip with her mom. At that time he designed the ring; a beautiful solitaire, diamond, on a yellow gold band designed by Noam Carver. Sonja had gone to her parents' farm for the holidays a week before Christmas and Mike met her there shortly before Christmas. He had brought the ring to her parents' farm where he asked her Dad's permission to marry her. Her Dad, being the traditional, old-fashioned farmer he was, said "well, that's up to her," which translates to "yes of course!" Mike contemplated asking her the big question at her parents' farm, but the timing didn't seem right. Christmas Day they traveled to Mike's Mom's house where he again contemplated asking, but again, the timing wasn't right. They arrived back home on Boxing Day and for the third time, it didn't seem like the right time.

On New Year's Eve, they had a wonderful evening in. They made dinner, played board games, and sung their favourite songs. Just before midnight, Mike asked if she had noticed anything on the Christmas tree. She walked over and saw the gorgeous ring (which had been there for six hours)! Sonja turned around and Mike was down on one knee asking to spend the rest of their lives together. And of course, she said yes!

"It was the most perfect, surreal moment of my life.”

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T H E     W E D D I N G


Less than a year later, Sonja and Mike got married in Regina Saskatchewan. Their ceremony was held at the Knox-Metropolitan United Church and the reception was at the White City Community Centre in White City.

"I love greenery, burgundy, and gold, and they fit perfectly for a fall wedding. I actually found a shop on Etsy called Vintage Bells & Co. and the owner of the shop had exactly everything I wanted in the exact theme. She created our invites, posters, menus, programs, thank you's, everything with a beautiful floral heading. That heading I gave to our florist who recreated the flowers exactly and then some! The theme in my own words was 'elegant boho'."

Sonja added lockets to her bouquet and her mother's corsage that had pictures of her father inside. He had suddenly passed away from leukemia, only months before the wedding, and Sonja wanted to include him somehow. When her mother opened her corsage, instant tears came to her eyes. Her father was with her when she was trying on wedding gowns. When she put on the Hailey gown, he sat up, lit up, and said it was the most beautiful gown he had ever seen. Which was the reason she chose the gown.

V o w s

"I will love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard, when our love is simple, and when it is an effort"
~ Mike

"Forever I am truly blessed to be loved by you and am thankful that we have found each other. You are the love of my life and you make me happier than I could ever imagine and more loved than I ever thought possible"
~ Sonja

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T h e     H o n e y m o o n

The pair took a romantic cruise around the Eastern part of the Mediterranean. They visited Italy, Greece, and Montenegro, going to cities including Venice, Brindisi, Katakolon, Santorini, Athens, Corfu, and Kotor! Relaxing on the ship & adventuring at the ports!

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Words from the bride.

What was your favourite part of your wedding?
Everything!! Seeing Mike as I was walking down the aisle, driving around in the limousine in between photos where we got a chance to visit & goof off with our bridal party. The speeches during the reception & then the dance, where everyone kept the dance floor lit until 3am!

Do you have any wedding tips and tricks for future brides?
Don't stress about not having 'chivari chairs' or not having that extra string of lights hanging. No one will realize they are missing if they didn't know it was there to begin with.
Don't break the bank, you don't want to be in debt after your wedding.
Go on your honeymoon immediately after your wedding (or within a few days). It's such a good feeling to be wife & husband, you'll be glowing, share & embrace each other in the days to follow on your honeymoon.

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Thank you, Sonja, for answering our long list of questions and sending us all the photos!!


Boutique // New Line Fashion, Regina Saskatchewan
Photographer // Betheny Marcynuk
Florist // Wascana Flower Shoppe
Caterer // The Rybchuk's Catering Company
Cake // Something Sweet by Fadiah
Invitations & Stationary // Vintage Bells & Co.
Makeup // La Beaute by Samantha
Hair Stylist // Jillian Ripplinger
Rings // Victoria Jewellers 
Cupcakes // Sonja herself!

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