The White Dress


It's that time again! (Time to give a boutique some love!!) April's Store of the Month is The White Dress located in Brighton, Michigan. The owner, Kristy, took some time to answer our questions.

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How and when did you start The White Dress?

I started The White Dress in 2011. It was always a dream of mine to go into business for myself, and I have ALWAYS been a wedding dress girl! While I was planning my own wedding, my father actually mentioned that he thought I should open a bridal boutique. At the time, I was overwhelmed with planning my own wedding, and sort of dismissed the idea, but it sat in the back of my mind through all the wedding planning chaos! After I was married for a few months, I thought - why not take the leap!? I did lots and lots of research and after a year of planning and a quick 4 month renovation schedule, we opened the doors at TWD!

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Describe your store in four words.
Welcoming. Warm. Fun. Organized.

What is your favourite part about your job?
Helping brides! When I first opened, I was a one-woman operation where I did everything - all the background stuff (accounting, marketing, emailing, ordering, etc.) and helping all the customers. We have grown leaps and bounds since then, so now I have a team of fabulous ladies who take the majority of our appointments, but I still take an appointment from time to time. Plus I love to meet all of our customers and see if I can help them find what they are looking for - whether it is something they think they want or something that is totally different than what they originally thought!

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What tips would you offer brides?

Be open minded and don't walk away from a dress you love! There are always so many opinions with the wedding dress, but the only opinion that really matters is yours! Don't worry about what mom or sister or friend or aunt has to say... just listen to your heart, and when you get that feeling like you never want to take off the dress you are wearing or when you feel the most beautiful you've ever felt - that is when you know it is the one!

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What is your current favourite dress trend?

I love that brides are considering ballgowns again! We had a few years where it seemed everyone wanted a trumpet or sheath style gown. All of us here at TWD, are pretty girly and just adore ballgowns. So naturally when a bride comes in that wants all the pouf, we are all super excited to see which she'll choose!

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What is your favourite gown from the Lis Simon 2017 collection and why?

Ivette, hands down! We love a dress that gives a good twirl. Oh, and we are also a little biased because one of our fellow TWD-ettes (what we call ourselves) wore that gown for her wedding last October!

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What does the rest of 2018 have in store for The White Dress?

We have a LOT of fun events planned for the rest of the year! Between our WHITE Friday and Saturday, Ladies Night Out in our little downtown where we will be mannequin modeling, and celebrating our 7 year anniversary in December - it will be a whirlwind right into the new year!

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Thank you for answering our questions, Kristy!

Make sure you check out The White Dress on their website, Facebook, and Instagram!