Winter Wonderland Editorial Shoot


Our Customer Experience Marketing Coordinator, Jessica, organized an editorial photo shoot with our James gown this past weekend, here is her experience:

My initial vision was the gorgeous long-sleeved James gown by fir trees, a fall-themed shoot. I had been wanting to coordinate an editorial shoot since September, but just got too busy with Bridal Markets and such. In September I asked one of my friends, Renée Nutini, if she would like to model some wedding gowns for us, and she kindly agreed! When January rolled around, and I had time to get this shoot together, I asked if she was still interested in modeling, and she was. Perfect.

Originally, I was just going to take the photos on my iPhone, but then one of my close friends, Kira Streliev, created her very one photography page on Instagram, so naturally, I asked if she would like to take the photos. Again, I was met with an enthusiastic 'of course!' Everyone was very excited to help out with the shoot. All that was left was to choose a date. I looked at the weather forecast on my phone, and it said Sunday, January 28, was supposed to be light flurries and low of -6. The ideal conditions I was hoping for, yes! I asked the girls if Sunday worked for them and then chose a time to meet. 10 am at my house.

A couple days went by and Renée stopped by the office to try the gown on to make sure it fit and wow, it fit like a glove! I was thinking more about this shoot and the vision I wanted and started looking at local florists on Instagram. I came across Black Earth Floral and their bouquets were stunning! I sent an email explaining the shoot and what kind of bouquet I was looking for (medium sized white and green). Karla Walker, the owner, and I emailed back and forth figuring out the details of pickup and such, then she suggested adding some blush flowers to the bouquet. So glad she recommended that, the bouquet was so beautiful!


Day of Shoot // 01.28.2018

I woke up early on Sunday morning to get things prepared for the day. Looking at my phone, I realized the weather was going to be -16. Not the slightly chilly -6 it had previously shown. I got a bag together filled with a bit of makeup for touch-ups, a couple pairs of gloves, and knee-high fuzzy socks for Renée to wear. I also packed a warm blanket scarf and made two travel mugs full of tea. I put long johns on under my jeans and three layers on top (under my jacket of course). It was going to be a very cold day. As soon as they arrived, Renée got changed in our James gown, put her winter jacket on, and we headed outside into the frigid air. I drove us to the outskirts of the city to a location Kira had picked out, and then we started the editorial session.


As soon as we walked to the fir-tree area, a bunch of Chickadees surrounded us for a closer look. Such curious birds. Notice in the first photo below, Kira was even able to get one of the Chickadees in a photo! I'm convinced Renée is Snow White; kind, beautiful, animal magnet. We focused most of the shots in this area and then moved to a patch of leafless trees. We were outside for almost two hours and were all so cold! Renée was such a good sport, barely complaining about the cold, what a champ. After we had finished the shoot (and found Kira's phone in the snow), we headed to 4th Street for some warm ramen at JINYA Ramen Bar. In spite of the temperature, it was a successful and fun day. I hope to have the opportunity to coordinate more styled shoots like this in the future! Now without further ado, here are some of my very favourite photos from our gorgeous Winter Wonderland Editorial Shoot.


Big thank you to everyone who helped make this shoot possible!

Photographer // Kira Streliev
Model // Renée Nutini
Florist // Black Earth Floral

Lis Simon